Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated at The Russell Center for Chiropractic & Sports Medicine

Our team at The Russel Center for Chiropractic & Sports Medicine provides high quality chiropractic care services for people of Beverly and the surrounding communities. Our non-invasive and drug-free techniques are an excellent addition to any injury rehabilitation program or prevention program, and can help people heal from a number of conditions.

Sciatica and Nerve Compression

Sciatica happens when one of the large sciatic nerves in your lower back becomes pinched, usually by an injured disc, narrowed joint space, or bony cyst. This can cause severe pain, numbness, and tingling in one leg. Symptoms often become worse after prolonged standing or sitting. We can treat sciatica and other types of nerve compression with techniques like non-surgical spinal decompression, which alleviates pressure placed on the nerve and facilitates faster healing. 

Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Joint Pain

Joint pain and back pain are often caused by damage to soft tissues such as muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia. This can happen due to overuse or repetitive movement. We often see this condition in people who sit a lot at work or perform a lot of heavy lifting. 


Sudden, forceful whip-like motion of the head and neck can cause whiplash, which is common after an auto accident. Symptoms of whiplash include neck pain, neck stiffness, arm and shoulder pain, headaches, and jaw pain. Chiropractic adjustments trigger natural pain relief and help realign the cervical spine for faster healing.

Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and migraines are often caused or exacerbated by poor posture and stress. Chiropractic care is a holistic way to improve whole-body wellness and alleviate headache symptoms by improving posture and relieving physical and mental tension. 

Disc Herniation or Disc Bulge

Discs are soft structures between your vertebral bones. These discs can wear down over time, leading to a painful back pain condition called degenerative disc disease. A disc may also bulge out of place or rupture (herniate). Chiropractic adjustments and corrective exercises are common treatments for disc damage, because they help facilitate disc healing and improve stability of the spine to help prevent re-injury. 

Sports Injury

Calling all athletes! Chiropractic care is an excellent tool for injury rehabilitation and prevention from common sports injuries such as plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, shin splints, and rotator cuff tears. Our Allston chiropractor uses techniques like postural assessments, corrective exercises, and lifestyle counseling to help correct any imbalances or areas of weakness, improve body mechanics, and optimize your nutrition and hydration to help heal and prevent recurring problems.

Are You Dealing with Acute or Chronic Pain?

If you live in Beverly and are looking for natural pain relief, contact The Russell Center for Chiropractic & Sports Medicine at 978-927-2607 to schedule an appointment with our experienced chiropractor. 


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