Pregnancy Care

Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy

     Dr. Russell has always been an advocate of preventive as well as rehabilitative care. Regular monthly or bi-monthly appointments during the 40 weeks of pregnancy helps align the spine as body changes occur as well as free any impingements caused by added weight and posture shifts.

     According to literature compiled by NIH “Chiropractic care has typically included the care of pregnant patients to assure the patient a comfortable pregnancy and to help facilitate an uncomplicated labor and delivery.” “It has been reported that approximately 50% of all pregnant women experience back pain during their pregnancy and 50% to 75% of women experience back pain during labor.” 3

     There is evidence that women with back pain experience longer labor and by reducing back pain chiropractic can contribute to reducing the duration of labor.

Studies have shown that regular Chiropractic care during pregnancy can have a positive impact on:

    • Pregnancy nausea
    • Heathy duration of term
    • Back pain
    • Duration and ease of labor pain
    • Post-partum depression
    • Back labor
    • Breech presentation
    • Postural discomfort
    • Carpal tunnel
    • Sciatica
    • Dystocia

    Furthermore, Chiropractic care with newborns has been effective for:

      • Ear infections and earaches
      • Colic and acid reflux
      • Fussiness
      • Feeding and breastfeeding/latching issues
      • Sleep issues

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      Pregnancy Care and CHIROPRACTIC are Happy Twins!

      "Chiropractic care has been a regular part of my life and shortly after I moved to Beverly, I became one of Dr. Russell's patients. During my pregnancy with twins, she was an even more important part of my healthcare routine. I visited with her regularly throughout my 38-week twin pregnancy. Her treatments kept me comfortable, relaxed, and she kept my pregnancy aches, pains, and swelling to a minimum. This was especially important during those last few months. She also has a special table for pregnant bellies, being able to lay on my stomach was the best part of my week! On top of the great care, Dr. Russell and her staff is always caring, inviting and friendly!"    Stephanie Rafferty

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